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Application Instructions:
Below is your application for the Global Dream Builders Program. 

Our system is the most POWERFUL thing you can use to create a full-time income online, but...

Due to the nature and high demand of this program, not every candidate is accepted. 

Here are the right candidates we are looking to work with:

 - The right candidates are motivated to take action FAST 
 - The right candidates are coachable and willing to follow directions
 - The right candidates are willing to invest time and resources into themselves and their business for success
 - The right candidates understand that in order to achieve next-level success, they NEED mentors who can get them there faster than they can get there themselves

This program is currently in OPEN ENROLLMENT, which means we are accepting applications. Our team is ready to speak with you once you complete your application.

IMPORTANT: As you fill out this application, be specific and thorough about your current situation and desired goals. Not everyone is a good fit and will not be invited.

Let us know why you think we can help you achieve your goals, and why NOW is the time for you to succeed...

Best wishes,

Adam Wenig & Nico Moreno
Global Dream Builders
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